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The hat touches or takes it lightly from the forehead when meeting a lady, and if you stop to exchange in what word, the rule of good behavior requires that the hat should be completely removed from the head. With the usual "good day", "how are you", "thank you", "goodbye", "nothing" or "excuse" it is enough to just touch the hips of the hat or lift it from the forehead.

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The tradition of wearing a hat goes back to the past, where for some time it has been a significant feature of social status, and in the military an indicator of nationality, rank and rank at work. Certainly, the hat was also used for protection. Some are related to a certain profession, some belong to a certain religion. It is believed that something similar to the hat was worn in ancient Egypt, later in ancient Rome and ancient Greece by liberated slaves. The trend was retained even later, especially during the French Revolution when it became a symbol of the struggle for freedom against the monarchy. As a generally accepted indication of kindness - most often a fingerprint that touches the front or side of the hat edge. This custom originates from military greetings from medieval knights who wanted to show the gesture of friendship by raising the visor.

Bodice ensemble